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Lake Buchanan

Lake Buchanan

Lake Buchanan was the first lake completed in the Highland Lakes chain and was created primarily to store water and supply hydroelectricity.  It was created with the construction of the 2-mile long Buchanan Dam and is considered the longest multiple-arch dam in the nation.  It is the second largest lake in the chain, it is about 30 miles long and almost 5 miles wide at the widest point.  It's almost like looking at an ocean scene at the wide part of the lake and is a great lake for fishing and boating. 

Lake Buchanan is managed by the Lower Colorado River Authority (LCRA) which was created in 1934 as a conservation and reclamation district, supplying water and electricity to neighboring areas.  LCRA manages the entire Highland Lakes chain of lakes which start at Lake Buchanan and culminate in Lake Austin. 

Elevation when full: 1,020 feet above mean sea level (msl) (five feet below top of dam)

Historic high: 1,021.4 feet above msl on Dec. 20, 1991

Historic low: 983.7 feet above msl on Sept. 9, 1952

Normal operating range: May to October: at or below 1,018 feet above msl

For information about parks on Lake Buchanan, see map of parks and preserves.

Current Lake Levels (from LCRA)

Historical Lake Levels (from LCRA)


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