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Lake Austin

Lake Austin

Created by Tom Miller Dam, the lake flows through the City of Austin and is a popular recreational lake.    Lake Austin is separated from Lady Bird Lake (formerly Town Lake) by Longhorn Dam.  


For information on parks on the Highland Lakes, see map of parks and preserves



For more information on Lady Bird Lake, see the Texas Parks and Wildlife site

Elevation when full: 492.8 feet above mean sea level (msl)
Historic high: 495.2 feet above msl on May 25, 1981
Historic low: 474.3 feet above msl on Feb. 17, 1963
Normal operating range: 491.8 to 492.8 feet above msl


The Lower Colorado River Authority was created in 1934 by the Texas Legislature as a conservation and reclamation district with no taxing authority and operates solely on utility revenues and fees generated from supplying energy, water and community services.  LCRA supplies low-cost electricity for Central Texas, manages water supplies and floods in the lower Colorado River basin, develops water and wastewater utilities, provides public parks, and supports community and economic development  including managing the Highland Lakes.   Goals include providing low-cost utility services and to help ensure the protection and constructive use of the area's natural resources.  The Highland Lakes chain consists of 7 lakes starting at Lake Buchanan and culminating in Lady Bird Johnson Lake in Austin. 
Current Lake Levels (from LCRA)        
Historical Lake Levels (from LCRA)    

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